Ross Hunt

Ross Hunt is the co-founder of Cainthus, a machine vision company dedicated to bringing low-
cost, high-frequency, passive measurement to Agriculture. Prior to founding Cainthus, Ross
worked as finance director for Comex McKinnon, a leading Irish agricultural procurement
company. While in this role Ross designed and developed a dig-data computer system that
digitised all of Comex’s processes while automating much of the company’s administration. This
enabled Comex to double its physical volume of grain handled in three years without hiring a
single additional employee, which increased revenue from €108m to €203m.
Cainthus are now through 3 finance rounds which saw 100% + company value increase with
each round. Having also agreed a long-term commercial partnership with the largest Ag major in
the world, Cainthus expect to expand significantly in 2018, focusing primarily on the Industrial
Dairy market.

Ross also sits on the Exponential Advisory Board of Singularity University, an institute based in
NASA’s Ames research centre in Silicon Valley, California. The University focuses on
educating people on the impact of exponentially improving technologies around the world.